Porsche Sport Driving School

Porsche Sport Driving School

Porsche’s history is firmly identified with motorsport. Models integral to the makeup of Porsche include the breathtakingly exciting 991 GT3 RS, the dominating 911 RSR and the legendary 917. Luckily for Porsche enthusiasts in Canada hoping to experience the brands pure racing machines in a safe and legitimate environment, there is now the opportunity to get instructed by the best.

Making its first arrival in Canada, the Porsche Sport Driving School (PSDS) is available at one of the country’s best-known racecourses. This 40-year old program aims to instruct the basic skills of performance driving. A great aspect is the ability to enjoy real track time in several Porsche models. Many drivers use the experience in the hope of gaining a real race license.

The PSDS teaches a total of five training levels, from Precision to Master RSR with the tuition taking place at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park not far from Bowmanville, Ontario. This course was once known as the Mosport International Raceway.

Drivers start with the Precision level, which is an introductory level with no need for previous training. This level covers the basics like driving style, oversteer, understeer, and correct seating positions. This course aims to improve the on and off-road driving skills of all drivers. The PSDS introduces drivers to highly skilled instructors with Porsche sports cars that are fully track-ready. Drivers are instructed in a completely safe environment that is free of legal repercussions while enjoying the spirited driving in someone else’s Porsche.

The introductory Precision level runs for a period of 2 days with plenty of in-car experience, practice and repetition. On day one, drivers get to learn the basics of handling the car and also to assess the possible threats that come from day-to-day driving scenarios. For day two, the drivers progress to driving entire laps of the course which helps to develop their skills in a performance related environment.

The style of driver training has plenty of benefits. For instance, it creates a safe environment to drive a high performance car in a more aggressive manner compared to your typical road car. Also, the ability to drive on a track helps to hone all aspects of the driver’s skill set. From the improved awareness to the enhanced pace, a program like PSDS creates the more efficient and skilled drivers.

The Porsche Sport Driving School is open to drivers of any skill level with the Canadian tour open from May until September. With track time in a Porsche, this driving course is certainly going to be more expensive than the typical with entry costs at $2,495. Whether you are looking to improve your driving skill with a little track time or looking to build confidence for driving your own Porsche, the Porsche Sport Driving School with its multi-level approach is certain to make any driver more skilful, faster and safer in all environments.


  1. I think everyone should learn to drive like this. When you think about it, the less unskilled drivers there are on the roads, the less accidents we’ll have. Besides, it’s fun to learn how to whip around and stay in control


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