Why Eleuthera Island is a Must see

Kayak on beach on Eleuthera island

When you take a trip to the Bahamas, you will find the beautiful Eleuthera island sitting in the aqua blue waters of the Caribbean Sea. To the west of Eleuthera is New Providence Island, which is where the Bahamian capital of Nassau is located. If you visit Eleuthera, you will not regret it. There are plenty of picturesque sites to see, such as rocky cliffs, pink sandy beaches, fields of pineapples, and reefs that are protected.

The interesting thing is that a lot of people don’t seem to know much about Eleuthera. Its neighbouring island called Harbour Island is certainly a lot more known than Eleuthera. But to those who do know about it, they will enjoy an experience like none other. Eleuthera has plenty of family-style restaurants, small boutique hotels right near the water, and more. If you have questions about the island or its history while you’re there, the locals will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Eleuthera is derived from the Greek word that means “free,” which is eleutheros. If you’re looking to go to the Bahamas and escape from your regular life, then Eleuthera is the island where you can escape from everything and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. You will be able to not only enjoy beautiful scenery, but you will have time to rest and just be at peace.

Eleuthera is one of the more quieter islands of the Bahamas. That is why famous celebrities and wealthy businesspeople like to vacation there. It gives them a chance to escape their hectic lives as well. Plus, Eleuthera is filled with luxury wherever you go. You aren’t going to find 24/7 grocery stores, exotic nightclubs, or any big airports. That is why Eleuthera is often considered to be a sleepy town. So, if you want peace and beauty on your vacation, then Eleuthera is a good place to visit.

There are 2 luxury hotels on the island of Eleuthera. One of those hotels is the French Leave Resort. Even the general manager of this resort has claimed that people who go there often want to get away from their busy lifestyles and just disconnect for a while. The other luxury hotel is The Cove Eleuthera. Both hotels are surrounded by pineapple fields which will also add to the aesthetic atmosphere of your visit.

The Cove Eleuthera is worth $33 million. It contains 57 suites, villas, and cottages which all have ocean views. If you want to go swimming at the resort, there is a pool on the hilltop and 2 private beaches available to guests only. Other features include a cliffside bar, spa, and a fabulous eating establishment called the Freedom Restaurant & Sushi Bar. When you eat there, you will get a perfect view of the Caribbean Sea.

The Cove Eleuthera is associated with the Enchantment Group. The resort has hosted popular celebrities like Justin Bieber and other famous people. They like to go there because of the fabulous amenities. One popular amenity is the Hammock Happy Hour, which is where guests can have a butler bring them tropical cocktails and appetizers to their hammock. So, despite Eleuthera being labelled as a sleepy town, there is certainly a lot of good reasons to go there that won’t make you sleepy at all.

As for the French Leave Resort, it is one of the three Marriott Autograph Collection resorts in the entire Caribbean, and the only one on the island of Eleuthera. The French Leave Resort is located in the capital if the island, which is Governor’s Harbour. You won’t find better seafront cottages anywhere else on the island but in this location. Shaner Hotels owns the French Leave Resort, which lies on 270 acres of the untouched landscape on Cupid’s Cay. The resort has a total of 12 cottages and a restaurant called “1648 An Island Restaurant,” which is one of Eleuthera’s most top-rated restaurants. Other luxuries of the French Leave Resort include an infinity pool with oceanfront views, a marina filled with huge yachts, and the chance to play any number of watersports.

If you like private beaches, then you’ll enjoy the resort’s French Leave Beach which has pink sand and dedicated servicing of food and drinks that are brought right to you. Each guest will also be given a golf cart that they can use to transport themselves around the area. By the summer of 2018, there should be 8 additional cottages at the resort as well as a spa. The cottages of the resort have luxurious amenities in addition to their spaciousness, unique design, and bedding.

There are oceanfront villas with one-bedroom or two-bedroom available and they each have a full kitchen and a washer and dryer set. This is perfect if you’re planning on staying there for longer than a few days. But, the real luxury comes with the iPad that is found in every villa. You can use this iPad to call for any kind of service that you need, such as pillows, wake-up calls, golf carts, and food delivery to the villa, pool, or beach. You can make reservations to use the recreational items and equipment as well.

When you want to get away from the hotel, there are plenty of luxuries to find all over the island. Since there is always warm weather on the island each month of the year, you can enjoy the beaches of Eleuthera anytime you want. People who like watersports will come to these beaches more often than any other island’s beaches in the Caribbean. They are perfect for kayaking, bonefishing, windsurfing, offshore sports fishing, sailing, and surfing.

If you prefer to stay on the land, then you can explore some of the historical features of the island. There is a tour which takes you through various architectural buildings which were constructed in the 18th century. You can also go horseback riding, eat at restaurants, and go on a ferry and take a 15-minute ride to visit Harbour Island nearby.

On one side of Eleuthera, there is the Atlantic Ocean with its deep aqua blue waters. On the other side is the Caribbean Sea which has a bright teal colour to it. The best part is that these two bodies of water actually intersect at a series of rock formations which are known as “Glass Window Bridge.” If you go to this spot, you can easily see the colour difference between the two water bodies. If you want to go on snorkelling tours or fishing tours, you can visit Fishbone Tours to take you out. On Friday nights, the entire island has live events going on which feature bonfires, music, and dancing. Locals will often join the tourists and have a good time with them.

When you’re ready to eat a nice meal, there are plenty of high-rated restaurants which serve fresh seafood. Some of the best include Sip Sip, Garden Terrace at Pink Sands, and the Landing.


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