Why we love this new Hasselblad mirrorless

The X1D-50c 4116 Edition from Hasselblad

Once we saw the X1D-50c 4116 Edition, we fell in love. The 4116 Edition is styled with a mirrorless design and its 50MP CMOS sensor is packed into a compact unit smaller than similar 35mm cameras. In fact, this camera not only delivers the quality of the Hasselblad brand, but is no larger than compact rangefinder. The slender body of the camera is complemented with a comfortable and deep handgrip to create a special camera.

The X1D-50c 4116 Edition from Hasselblad

Icon-based interface

The rear LCD with high-resolution on the X1D gives the convenience of touch control to manage the full suite of features on the camera. It is built with intuitive playback features such as pinch and swipe to zoom, as well as an elegant, user-friendly interface to simplify the all-round operation. In addition, the XGA electronic viewfinder presents crisp, bright viewing no matter the light conditions.

GNSS receiver external module

The X1D-50c is packaged as standard with a GNSS receiver external module that connects seamlessly via a hot shoe connection. This unit relies on both the GPS and GLONASS satellite systems for the most accurate positioning and improved CNR. Its hot shoe function means the unit is easily removed when needed to help save battery power. Also, the removable aspect of the external module makes it simple to upgrade in the future when a new module is released.

The X1D-50c 4116 Edition from HasselbladSuperb new lenses

To enhance the all-round performance of the X1D, a completely new set of auto-focus lenses have been built to complement the high-resolution of this modern camera design. The creation of the XCD lenses help to create extreme detail and sharpness. For existing users of the H System, there is the option to continue to use their lenses with this camera via a special adapter.

Dual SD card slots

The X1D-50c is built with dual SD card slots (UHS-I) to let users save the images taken on one or the other card, or the next slot when the first is completely full.

Great connectivity

State-of-the-art connectivity is achieved via the USB 3.0 type-C connector that gives lightening fast transfer speeds. Plus, the camera has built-in Wi-Fi to give the opportunity to view the shots as they are taken or even wirelessly control the camera via the Phocus Mobile app for iPhone and iPad.

The X1D-50c 4116 Edition from HasselbladExposure Range

The X1D has an impressive ISO range up to 25,600 that makes it possible to take pictures in low-quality light while still keeping full detail in both highlights and shadows. This combines with a 60 minutes to 1/2000th second shutter speed range and flash synchronization at any speed.

Packaged kit

The X1D-50c 4116 Edition is packaged with X1D-50c black body, leather hand strap, shoulder strap, XCD 45mm lens, and extended manufacturer’s warranty.


  1. Apart from the amazing exposure range of this camera, another thing I love about it is the dual SD card slot. It makes me completely relaxed while I go on my usual tour into the wild for weeks. I simply take enough photos and footages as possible.

  2. I love the features and spec of this camera. Looks like it will be a perfect fit for my Africa Safari coming in few months.


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