The Peninsula of Antarctica is changing very fast

With a reputation as cold, forbidding and remote, Antarctica can also be a fragile place, home to an incredible variety of life along its edges. Join National Geographic explorer Jon Bowermaster as he and his team travel along the continent’s frozen coastline in ‘Antarctica 3D, On The Edge.’

The adventurers explore by sea kayak, ice-worthy sailboat and on foot to gain an up-close look and attempt to better understand just how the seventh continent is changing – and in some parts changing very fast — in part due to a warming ocean. Meet scientists and the wildlife they study up-close, and learn about the history of exploration and the continent’s future.

From its place anchoring the bottom of the globe, Antarctica might seem too frozen to have any impact on the rest of the planet. But the very fact that it is constantly changing – the sea around it freezing and thawing every year – makes it the planet’s beating heart, its rhythm intimately influencing the earth’s weather, ocean currents and climate.

Narrated by Tilda Swinton, with new music by Natalie Merchant, A3D is coming soon to a museum or science institution in your neighborhood.

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  1. Antarctica has been on my bucket list for sometime. I’m hoping to make it there next year. Sea kayaking definitely seems like an awesome way to see the continent. It looks absolutely amazing! It really makes me sad to know how vulnerable it is.

  2. I am always watching animal documentaries and wonder what these men and women must go through to get the footage they do and I bet this is only the tip of the iceberg! (too cheesy? haha) I will definitely want to see this one. I remember watching one years ago where this small crew ventured to Antarctica and barely survived because of the astonishing storms that took place. I can not be thankful enough for people like this because without them, so much of the world would be left undiscovered. There should really be a month dedicated to these adventurers 🙂

  3. The life here is completely a mysterious one. Sometimes, I wonder how things could survive in such a cold environment. Our adventurers are really doing a great job, risking everything in order to bring light and knowledge to us all. This series is surely going to be a must watch for me. Keep up the good work guys!


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