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Wrist Watch in water

The recently launched watch brand Wryst is the brainchild of Swiss watch designer Jacques Fournier, whose previous claims to fame include the pentagonal five-time-zone watch for Jacob & Co., and takes its inspiration from extreme sports and auto racing. These influences are evident in its inaugural collection, called Airborne, launched last October and available in three limited editions of 75 pieces.

Each of the limited-edition Airborne watches — FW3, FW4, and FW5 — comes with two interchangeable rubber straps, in a variety of colors. Each watch also has a wide, unusually shaped stainless steel case with flowing curves, coated with a type of black DLC — the same used in the aerospace industry and in engines of Formula 1 race cars — which is nearly as hard as diamond. The crystal also attests to the watch’s overall toughness: it is made of a material called “K1,” which the company says is more scratch-resistant than mineral crystal and more shatterproof than traditional sapphire. The crystal also has a double anti-reflective coating. The futuristic, hollowed-out look of the dial complements the timepieces’ dynamic, racing-inspired design.

The movement is the Swiss-made Ronda Startech 3450D, the first quartz chronograph movement with counters placed in the unusual arrangement of 6, 9, and 12 o’clock. The central chronograph hand records times to 1/10 second up to 30 minutes; the subdials are for tallying 30 chronograph minutes and 10 chronograph hours, and for the continuously running seconds. The chronograph also is equipped with “add” and “split” functions, and the date is in a window at 3 o’clock. The wide, silicone rubber straps have a dust-proof surface treatment and reinforced ends with a sturdy, plastic insert; they are attached to the case by a two-part stainless-steel screw. The engraved stainless steel buckle has a polished finish and is held securely to the strap by screws. The Airborne FW3 is already sold out; in addition to the remaining pieces of the FW4 and FW5, there is also an unlimited version of the Wryst Airborne, the Airborne FW6, which has a brushed stainless steel case without the DLC coating and a white dial. Prices begin at $650.

“Our goal is to provide new, modern and disruptive looking timekeepers to the luxury market,” says Fournier, who is the brand owner and watch designer. “This excludes most of everything we are familiar with. Our exclusive products give a feel to the wrist that no one else has to offer.”


  1. I love the design! I’m looking for a Christmas present for my boyfriend – he’s just broke his watch and needs a new one, so this could be a good option. He needs something that isn’t going to break, as we’re pretty active (hence how he broke his last watch). I’ve always had good experience with Swiss made things too.

  2. I normally do not like watches but this one looks quite nice! I would be tempted if my husband liked watches but that is simply not his cup of tea. Either way, I am glad I read about this and checked out the pictures. It is like a work of art but still sport friendly!

  3. The watch looks good – the design, I love it. I will consider this as the next gift for my husband; he loves watches, I mean good watches ☺


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