• Spectacular Heli Skiing in Nepal & Greece (who knew?)

    Imagine broad expanses of untracked mountains, teeming with fresh snow that's every skier and snowboarder's dream. You go up by chopper, lay down some sweet turns and then head down for a well deserved dinner of authentic Greek food.

    Sorry, what's t (read more...)

  • Water into juice with myFC - a review

    We hadn't seen snow for a while in the Canadian Whistler backcountry and I had been sitting on some smoking new technology for too many lazy days now. So the lady and I took to the trails with the dogs to see how this thing would actually hold up.

    (read more...)
  • A serious DSLR that can take the elements

    Hasselblad, the iconic camera-maker favoured by many of the world’s most accomplished professional photographers, has launched a brand new ‘elite’ camera - and this time pointed it at amateur photo-enthusiasts who demand the ultimate in both style an (read more...)

  • The Quintessential Alaskan Snowboarding Adventure

    New Zealand snowboarder Jake Koia travels to Haines, Alaska, with long-time friend Roland Morley- Brown for the Red Bull Mates in Alaska series


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