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Cover art for Antartica on the Edgevideo

The Peninsula of Antarctica is changing very fast

With a reputation as cold, forbidding and remote, Antarctica can also be a fragile place, home to an incredible variety of life along its...

Water into juice with myFC – a review

We hadn't seen snow for a while in the Canadian Whistler backcountry and I had been sitting on some smoking new technology for too...

The Quintessential Alaskan Snowboarding Adventure

New Zealand snowboarder Jake Koia travels to Haines, Alaska, with long-time friend Roland Morley- Brown for the Red Bull Mates in Alaska series It's easy...
Sally Fitzgibbons Surfing

Why Sally Makes Surfing Matter

What happens when you start surfing at 6 years old? You go on to snag number first in the Roxy Pro France 2013, RipCurl...

Spectacular Heli Skiing in Nepal & Greece (who knew?)

Imagine broad expanses of untracked mountains, teeming with fresh snow that's every skier and snowboarder's dream. You go up by chopper, lay down some...
Wrist Watch in water

Timepiece for the adventure traveller

The recently launched watch brand Wryst is the brainchild of Swiss watch designer Jacques Fournier, whose previous claims to fame include the pentagonal five-time-zone...